About Lori


Hi there.  Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

If you’re new to my world, let me Introduce myself.  I like to think of myself as a writer, a dreamer, a lover of civility, and a promoter of various non-profit organizations/events.  I live in northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA,USA).  In addition to this, I hold down a day job as an office manager, I read self-help books, and I write for three blogs.  I enjoy teaching what I know to others, and I’m always on the look-out for opportunities to help build community through service work.  I love tulips and can’t wait for spring to arrive each year.

My passions are Jesus, my family, and writing, in that order.

My first serious recognition that writing was something I’d like came when my tenth grade English teacher altered his plans for the entire class because of an argument I presented in a freestyle essay submitted per his request.  That’s when I learned that the pen has power, that I wanted to get me some o’ dat, and that I was willing to put time and effort into learning how to express myself in a way others could easily relate to and understand.  I hope I met that goal a while back.

I like to think I passed some of my writing genes on to my sons.  They also have mad art skills that can in no way be attributed to me.

You can view some of their “stuff” at http://doodlehoose.wordpress.com.

My hubs and me erected a modular home in 2000, on twenty acres my mom gifted to us when we were looking for a permanent home.  That plot of land has become our oasis in the hills. We share our good fortune there with a quarter horse, a donkey, and our dog named Mauser, the Schnauzer, a salt and pepper mini who may be small in size but has a big personality.

Thanks, Mom…we enjoy your gift to us every day!


8 thoughts on “About Lori

  1. Jean Bird says:

    Wow, I enjoyed your essays very much, especially the most recent Easter essay. What a wonderful gift you have and what a blessing that you use it for the glory of God. My only problem with it is the temptation to envy your gift. Keep up the great work for it is blessed for sure.


  2. Darlene K says:

    Wonderful Lori, I knew the day I met you , you were going to be a loving person in my life. I’m glad we reconnected 🙂


    • lorihoose says:

      Thank you. I am humbled by your grace. I am glad we know each other as well, and I hope we can get together for coffee in the near future. Thanks for reading the blog, and please stop by again. Hugs!


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