5MinuteMonday.GRAPHICjpgIt’s been a while since I posted a 5 Minute Monday challenge on the blog.  I thought today might be a good day to do it again.

With this prompt, I’m inviting you into a five-minute meditation time.  Below, is a prompt for this five-minute escape from the “tyranny of the urgent” that might work for this purpose.  If you have something else that God has been impressing on you to think about, ponder, consider, or meditate on, I would encourage you to focus your quiet attention there.  Otherwise,  I’d be glad to have you read what follows, and ask God what He would have you do about what you’ve read.

I find meditation to be a powerhouse of insight that fuels my intuition and pulls me closer to Papa God every time I do it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject (if you meditate, how you find it, and if you don’t, why you don’t).  I always love reading your comments.  Enjoy!

Today’s 5-Minute Meditation Prompt

What if at the end of the day today, when you’re tired, and failure is your real and honest estimation of what happened over the last 18 hours, you said,

“All I did was fail today.”

That’s it.
Nothing more.
Only that.

No angst.
No flailing about.
No big drama, followed by tears, screaming, or hysterics.

No self-recriminations.


“I failed.”

Oh, and…

“There’s always tomorrow to try again!”

How would your life change if you were able to think this way? Can you imagine it?