Prophetic Drawing

The other night our local coffee-house offered a free session focusing on prophetic drawing. I was intrigued. I tagged a friend on Facebook regarding the session and she was interested, as I predicted. She wanted to know would I go with her. I decided I would.

I’ve never done any prophetic drawing; never even really heard of the art, but I was willing to try. You see, I’ve been repeating the same prayer over and over for about three weeks now: God, please enable me to set aside everything I think I know, for an open mind and a new experience. Help me see the truth about my mental obsession, before I overeat or under eat. Amen.

I have food issues.
I’m currently fasting sugar in my life.
It’s not always a fun experiment.
I need lots of help to stay clear of the stuff and focus on other things.
Life things!
Things that come easy to others, but not to me.
Especially when I’m eating sugar it is tough for me to think about anything other than my next “fix”.


So, the night came and I went to the session on prophetic drawing. I was half an hour early and turned away, because the café was not yet open. I could have left then, but had made a commitment to be there, meet my friend, let go of all I think I know to embrace an open mind and have a new experience. This, I determined, was that experience. I stayed. I sat in my car and read. Finally, the time for the shop to open arrived and I went in, ordered a Chai Tea and some small thing to eat for my supper, then waited.

The process for this prophetic drawing experience was explained:

This was to be a practice in blessing others.
Stranger others, for I knew no one there. My friend had not yet showed.
We were to choose someone at our table of three to four others. Strangers.
When we had chosen a person, we were to spend several minutes in prayer and meditation.

Our focus in prayer was to reach out to God and ask for an image to fill our minds.
This image was to be our blessing for another. A Stranger.
When we had the image in our heads, we were to begin drawing.
We had crayons and colored pencils before us.
As we drew, we might receive other images. If so, we drew them as well.
Once  the drawing began, we could stop and ask questions.
We were to ask them of our chosen partner in the experiment; the one for whom we drew.

“Does this resonate with you?”
“Does it have any meaning in your current circumstances?”

This was not an interrogation, it was a way to relate a blessing that mattered.
I was off to a slow start, not really understanding what I was to do or how to do it.
Others felt the same.  We asked our session leader, and he gave more instructions, but I don’t remember what they were.

A First Drawing

First, I drew for a woman sitting next to me, Abi.
The image I drew was of the word: Waiting.
I outlined the word, then drew images above the letters, below them, or over them.
When I was done, I asked Abi, “Does this resonate with you?” and I listened to her story.

It did resonate.
It did have meaning.

The bigger blessing, beyond my drawing for Abi and the significance of that, was that Abi and I connected. We shared a story that had similar overtones. I understood where she was in her life right now, what she waited for, and how hard it is to wait. After just a few moment with this lovely creature, I was feeling blessed myself.

I wanted to try again.

A Second Drawing

I chose my next stranger.
I prayed.
I meditated.
Words came. Again. They always do when I meditate.
This time I sensed God say in my spirit, “You are familiar with words. They come easily, but this experience is about drawing. Use the words to formulate the thought, but stretch yourself to draw the image.” I listened. More words came, then an image. I began to draw.

This time my blessing was for a young man. Aaron, with two A’s. That delighted me. Blessed me. I told Aaron that I have a grandson by the same name, spelled with two A’s. The following is the image that came to me when I prayed to be able to bless Aaron on Friday night. Tomorrow, I’ll explain the image in greater depth, and share some of the impressions I had when the drawing was done.

Don’t judge me for my drawing style, okay? I’m not an artist, merely a doodler.

Have you ever heard of prophetic drawing? Have you ever drawn an image with the intent of blessing a stranger with the finished product?

Fair Trade


I texted my coworker earlier in the week and said, “Trade ya, cookies for lilacs.”

He was already en route, and couldn’t turn back to get the flowers for me. Not that day, but today, he brought them.

I think I made a fair trade.

The office smells amahhhhzing!!!

Do you have lilacs growing where you are? What do they remind you of, where do you go in your head when you smell them?

mistake graphic


We all make ‘em.
Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Maybe it’s simple human flailing–none of us are perfect, after all.
Maybe we’ve been tripped up by the evil one.
Maybe it’s just a matter of not thinking a situation through.
Maybe it’s the natural tendency of human flesh to screw up.

Oh, Lord, I pray it’s not that last one. As I get older, I’d like to think I’m also getting wiser.

For whatever reason, we all make mistakes.
What we do about them when we make them, is what determines if we land in the win or lose column of life.

What do you do when you make a mistake?

Do you circle back around?
Make restitution where it’s needed?
Quickly go to work cleaning your side of the street?

Do you actively surrender your stumbling and bumbling around to the One who can scrub you clean?

Or do you…

Persist in your error?
Justify what you’ve done?
Become so discouraged by yet another character defect showing up that you run and hide, pull the covers over your head, indulge in self-loathing and throw your hands in the air in defeat?

Last week I made a mistake.
I realized it, owned it, and addressed it.
It was hard, it was embarrassing, and the sting of it is still with me today, but I know that I did what I needed to do and that by and by, like the sting after a wasp attack, the pain will go away. Until then, I’m praying for clarity and depending on God’s grace to get me through.

How about you?

When have you made a mistake? Did you wait for an opportunity to make it right, or apologize right away?

Feeling Especially Gifted!

My niece made me a gift this week.


She is so crafty!

I definitely am not!

I love this!!


I love the textures and patterns on my new wall hanging.


I particularly love the way the pattern looks like a series of mouth, talking, talking, talking.

And teaching!

I talk a lot.

I teach a little, too.

What can I say, I have a lot to say!


That center piece of twine, its a pin.  Did Dani make the pin, too? I dunno, but it is so me.




Free-spirited, but all put together.


See how the twine matches perfectly with the rough edged cut material with all the mouths. See how they continually speak to you, now that I’ve mentioned those mouths?



I don’t know what I did to deserve this kindred spirit God sent my way, but Danielle, I love you!  Thanks for thinking of me, and thanks for putting those thoughts into action.

I adore my latest addition to the Hoose homemade collection. This piece is on tour right now, at the office, but it will soon be taken to the home gallery where I can enjoy it every day from the privacy of my talky, hillside, country chic mountainside cabin at the top of the world.

When have you received an unexpected blessing in the form of a handmade gift?  Who gave it to you, and what was the occasion?