Why is it always the socks?

This one’s for my artist son, who regularly reads my blog and is now going through a pruning phase at home.

I love your artistic ways, Rob, and I know you love Escher. Enjoy!

Escher's Pants


You’re Not Listening!

We all yearn for that day when our wee ones will be able to speak to us in full sentences, but moms/dads, do we know what we’re asking for when we ask for speech?

Listen to this clip and the hustle this lil guy has learned to use to defend his actions.

Reminds me of me, trying to argue my case with God.  Hilarious!

When has your kiddo done something hilarious and you caught it all on tape?  How good are your listening skills?


coffee and JesusI’ll admit it, this morning I’m running on coffee fumes and Jesus, and that’s about it.

I woke up at 3:00am again today, and other than a few minutes of snooze that was not all that satisfying, I’m been up and going ever since.

I hate it when I have days like today.

I hurt all over.

I have a lunch date with someone I haven’t seen in a long time, and I’m tired.

I’d like to complain and whine about my lot in life, and go on and on, and on with that sort of thing, but buggers, I have so much to be thankful for that I can’t. I just can’t!


I’m blessed with good family, a good job, and a weekly paycheck.

I have a husband who adores me and backs my play, every time.

I just completed a 29-week intensive Bible study that was the bomb!  It’s called The Healing Journey, by Cyndy Sherwood.  If you haven’t heard of it, check it out here.

I live in a country that is still free.

I have a Savior looking down on me.

I have a car that runs, a computer with which I can reach out to the world, and high-speed internet to make sure my communications go where they need to go, fast.

I have a church I love, and a Pastor and Mrs. that are love-gifted. Seriously, I think this couple has a spiritual gift for love, and boy, do they share it freely.  I love that!

I have children who are saved, grands who are adorable, and a piece of land under heaven that includes a view that could take your breath away.

No, my life is not all rosy.

I’m wider than I’d like to be.  I don’t sleep on a regular basis. I’m not the healthiest person in the world, and there are times when I can be a little cranky, but overall, I suffer from nothing that the world around me doesn’t also deal with on a daily basis.

I’m blessed, and here’s some of the evidence:

AAron and his hat

and his big brother…Jessup

I wanted to write an Easter post in a timely fashion, but I didn’t.  I probably wasn’t sleeping then either. But I’ve got these pictures to share. Aren’t they cute?  Those hats–yeah, those hats!  I just love ’em!  (The boys first, then the hats).

Do you ever suffer with insomnia?  What do you have to be grateful for today?  



Annie's Party Planning _ partiesbyannieToday’s list includes three important truths I learned about adults by being a kid.

1-Lots of adults are just super-sized kids; impetuous, stubborn, and rude.

2-Adults lie when they say you can have it all, or be whatever you want, but there are still tons of options available to kids.

3-Adults don’t mean to lie about things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and SAT scores; they just want to shield kids from disappointment as long as they can.

What three things did you learn about adults when you were a kid? What one thing do you think is most important for kids to know about the adults in their lives?

Consider the Other boats

There were also other boats with them.  Mark 4:36

The story of the stormy sea is recorded in Mark’s gospel. You know it, right?  That time when Jesus was dog tired after performing miracles all day long, and he asked his crew to push-off in a boat and take him to other side of the lake?  It was the dusk of the day, and the Lord had been healing people since sun up.  He’d been listening to them, interceding for them, touching them and taking away their pain.  I bet his back ached and his feet hurt.  He had earned some much-needed rest for his all too human body about the time the wind came up.

Bolder and bolder the wind became, until the guys in the boat grew pale.  The gale force knew the Savior was in the boat, but it didn’t care.  Instead, it chose that moment to do what wind does: blow.

As I read the account of the storm that woke the Lord that day, I was impressed with the fact that “there were also other boats with them.”

Some have suggested that Jesus got in the boat that night to escape further ministry.  I’m not sure I “buy” that.  Others say he hopped in the boat and asked the guys to take him to the other side of the lake because he had work to do over there the next day. Maybe.  Still others say the Savior did what he did, when he did it, so that He might impress his disciples or maybe be alone with them.  I think we can pull from the narrative recorded in Mark’s gospel and put some of it in Column A and other parts of it in Column B, and we’d be okay doing that, but what drew me in today was the miracle that happened in those boats that Jesus was not safely sleeping inside.

They took on water, too.

They were shrouded in darkness, too.

The men inside them had their hair soaked by the briny waves, too.

They feared for their lives, too!

When the storm was silenced and the waves made to quit their threats, Jesus had accomplished many things.  He’d scolded his followers, he’d saved their fishy hides, he’d given them a lesson on faith versus fear to ponder, and he’d saved the lives of those others in the other boats.

Can you imagine what the crowds looked like when the rooster crowed the next day?  I’m guessing the word quickly got around that Jesus had saved them all–not just his fearful, faithful fellows in the ministry, but also those of the fringe.

What a great reminder to hide in my heart as I fight back against nausea in my own half-sunk boat.

Jesus: In the stormy forecasts of life, He is salvation for us all!

To my Critics


I’ve been told numerous times lately that what others think of me is none of my business.

I’m working on internalizing that.

Working on acting as if…


Do you wish your critics would mind their own business?  How good are you at accepting people as they come to you, and not trying to change or improve them?