Annie's Party Planning _ partiesbyannieToday’s list includes three important truths I learned about adults by being a kid.

1-Lots of adults are just super-sized kids; impetuous, stubborn, and rude.

2-Adults lie when they say you can have it all, or be whatever you want, but there are still tons of options available to kids.

3-Adults don’t mean to lie about things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and SAT scores; they just want to shield kids from disappointment as long as they can.

What three things did you learn about adults when you were a kid? What one thing do you think is most important for kids to know about the adults in their lives?


Consider the Other boats

There were also other boats with them.  Mark 4:36

The story of the stormy sea is recorded in Mark’s gospel. You know it, right?  That time when Jesus was dog tired after performing miracles all day long, and he asked his crew to push-off in a boat and take him to other side of the lake?  It was the dusk of the day, and the Lord had been healing people since sun up.  He’d been listening to them, interceding for them, touching them and taking away their pain.  I bet his back ached and his feet hurt.  He had earned some much-needed rest for his all too human body about the time the wind came up.

Bolder and bolder the wind became, until the guys in the boat grew pale.  The gale force knew the Savior was in the boat, but it didn’t care.  Instead, it chose that moment to do what wind does: blow.

As I read the account of the storm that woke the Lord that day, I was impressed with the fact that “there were also other boats with them.”

Some have suggested that Jesus got in the boat that night to escape further ministry.  I’m not sure I “buy” that.  Others say he hopped in the boat and asked the guys to take him to the other side of the lake because he had work to do over there the next day. Maybe.  Still others say the Savior did what he did, when he did it, so that He might impress his disciples or maybe be alone with them.  I think we can pull from the narrative recorded in Mark’s gospel and put some of it in Column A and other parts of it in Column B, and we’d be okay doing that, but what drew me in today was the miracle that happened in those boats that Jesus was not safely sleeping inside.

They took on water, too.

They were shrouded in darkness, too.

The men inside them had their hair soaked by the briny waves, too.

They feared for their lives, too!

When the storm was silenced and the waves made to quit their threats, Jesus had accomplished many things.  He’d scolded his followers, he’d saved their fishy hides, he’d given them a lesson on faith versus fear to ponder, and he’d saved the lives of those others in the other boats.

Can you imagine what the crowds looked like when the rooster crowed the next day?  I’m guessing the word quickly got around that Jesus had saved them all–not just his fearful, faithful fellows in the ministry, but also those of the fringe.

What a great reminder to hide in my heart as I fight back against nausea in my own half-sunk boat.

Jesus: In the stormy forecasts of life, He is salvation for us all!

To my Critics


I’ve been told numerous times lately that what others think of me is none of my business.

I’m working on internalizing that.

Working on acting as if…


Do you wish your critics would mind their own business?  How good are you at accepting people as they come to you, and not trying to change or improve them?

Another Galentine’s Day!

Today kicks off the holiday weekend and a series of festivities on the hill! 

If the weather will just cooperate, I will be happy.  Make that more than happy. Make that giddy, thrilled…over-the-moon with joy happy!  I want so badly for us all to have a good time together, and when the venue is outdoors that means good weather is a necessity.

This morning we began our weekend of family fun with a Galentine’s Day Ladies-Only Breakfast, the first where I played hostess for the event.  It went really well!

Woohoo, I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the lovely ladies that shared breakfast with me this morning:DSC_0708

These are the fems in my fam.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!

We had a few Y chromosomes in the crowd this morning. Unfortunately, Pa had to work, so he couldn’t kidlet sit.  The wee boys were forced to join our group. They were well behaved for wee boys, and I think they enjoyed the Galentine’s theme as much as the gals did, especially the edible heart-shaped candies distributed around the table top—you know, those kind you get on paper and you have to peel them off with water to put on your cakes at birthday time.

The boys enjoyed gobbling them up!

Here’s another pic, this time with me in the mix. I’m half way down the table on the right hand side.  I think I need a new hair style.  This one looks out of sync with my personality these days, plus it is hard to maintain.  I might go shorter. What do you think?

000at the table

See all that pink on the table?  I left the house early this morning so that I could decorate before any of the lovelies arrived, but wouldn’t you know, a few came early.  I’m never early, so I rarely expect that of others! 😉

It all looked so nice when I was done. Keeping it real, though, I want to share some misgivings I had before I went to this event.

On the drive down the hill to the venue, I kept thinking, “I should have done this.  Why didn’t I do that? What I’ve done isn’t enough!” I’m the queen of second-guessing!  I went so far as to stop at the Dollar Store to pick up some trinkets on the way, but as I was filling my arms with junky junk, I said, “Stop!” I put the things I had in my arms back and left the store.

I was frustrated with myself. That’s when I decided I needed to check in with my Friend in the Sky.

I pulled into a secluded spot in the parking lot and took a minute.  It was right, good, and appropriate for me to do so.  So many times we women think we are not enough. We have to do more, be more, constantly perform for the world.

I hate that! 

My Friend does too!

We do not have to do that. We are enough.  Our love is enough.  That we all eeked out some time in our lives/schedules/vacation plans to celebrate with each other is enough.

Finally I was satisfied, and guess what:  I went, I saw, and it was—ENOUGH!

In preparation for this Galentine’s event I created little prompts to share with the ladies; questions written on little pieces of paper.  I asked each lady to take one.  I wanted us to make an effort to know each other better.  We live miles apart and life is ever changing, so I thought it would be neat to create a way for us to connect on a deeper level at this breakfast.  The questions did the trick.  They got people sharing.

Ironically, my piece of paper said this:  What is your recipe for continued joy and happiness? 

What?!  Can you believe that? 

We didn’t have time to get to my question, and I’m kinda glad we didn’t because I struggle to find joy in my life sometimes, and I’m not sure what I would have shared in response to that question.  Choosing that question this morning from the grab bag, though, it helped me see that my greatest joy is experienced in those moments when I invest myself in other people, particularly those people I love and with whom I share a history.

These were MY peeps! These were MY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closing out this rather epic post, I want to say:  Thank you, You gorgeous sea nymphs, for blessing me with your opalescent beauty this morning. You are the very definition of family, and I love you all sooooooo much! Muah!

Note: To “get” that last couple of sentences, you have to be a Parks & Rec fan. Translation: You’re the BEST!!!!!

When have you brought joy to another person just by showing up?  What brings you joy?



3 Reasons I’m Loving this Time change

000daylight savings spring-forward

If you’re like me, you’re living in NEPA, USA and you’re getting ready to spring forward one hour this weekend. I’m particularly happy to be changing the time on my clocks this weekend for a couple of reasons…

1  I’m going to be traveling out of town this weekend, so having to remember to call Mr and have him set his clocks ahead on Saturday night is going to add so much fun and zaniness to my weekend.  Goodness, yes, that was sarcasm.  Whadda you bet I forget to call, and Mr forgets to change the clocks and is late for Sunday School?  He’s filling in for me, so of course he will forget.  I will forget!  Odds are even money that will happen, so no one should place a bet, okay?  No one will get rich on this scheme.  😉

2  The batteries are low in my wall clocks right now, and one of them is a particularly snippity fellow who always gives me fits when I try to put him back where he belongs after changing his batteries.  This time change will accomplish two tasks then, the time change and the battery change. Woohoo, I won’t have to struggle for no good reason!

3  Going forward, it will begin to be lighter longer each day in NEPA, and I’m all for that!


One thing that is a problem for me when tackling this time change thing, I’ll be honest, is that I have to do hard math to figure it out.  Yikes!  In the event that I forget to change the time on our clocks at home, will I be late for my Sunday schedules at the church, or early?  I don’t know.  I think because it’s spring I would be late if I didn’t set them, but then again, hard math has never been my forte.

Did you remember that this weekend you need to spring forward before reading this post (be honest–this is for posterity)?  According to your math, am I right that we will be late for church if Mr doesn’t set that clock ahead?  

Inquiring minds want to know…


A Lil Delivery Humor

000HUMOR test tuba babu

I have friends who recently gave birth, so this comic was especially comical to me when I received it from my cousin today.

In reality, momma did all the work last week, but daddy was right there by her side, supporting, praying, and rejoicing with her when the product of months of wondering came to fruition.  A baby daughter, and such a cutie.  These two are blessed, and they know it.

Congratulations, S & L, on the birth of wee T this week.   I’m over-the-moon happy for you and wee one’s big sissy!

I know you guys are going to be a happy family together with E.  Enjoy these first few weeks together. Magical times, my friends. These are magical times!!!

My cousin regularly sends me cartoons he finds on the interweb.  Each time I open an email from him I have another chance to smile, snicker, or guffaw at what he’s sent.  I’m that gal you know who needs to laugh  more, so the cartoons and comics he sends are always a welcome addition to my day.

I love the chance to smile that this comic panel provides.  Test tuba deliveries-Ha!

When have you celebrated the birth of a baby you knew was more than wanted?  What comic strips do you regularly follow, and why?