Monday Music-Blessings

Faith to believe…

Sometimes we think it means no problems, no complications, no messiness in life. No hard!

We are wrong.  We are shortsighted.

Faith to believe means surrender to me.

Surrender to His plan.

Surrender to His means.

Strength through surrender.

I know its a foreign concept, but remember, we are not of this world.


Music Monday-Come Alive

My niece gifted me with a great worship album recently, How Can It Be, by Lauren Daigle.

If you haven’t heard Lauren’s music before, let me introduce you to her through her song, Come Alive.  It’s a story of prophecy, symbolism, battle, victory, and soldiers, not to mention the power of the Holy Spirit to bring life where once there was nothing but dry bones.

Lauren is a sister who knows how to worship!

Thanks, Dear One, for the CD.

Lovin’ this album.

Getting Ready for Easter

Yesterday we got an early Palm Sunday message delivered to us at church.

As part of his message delivery Pastor shared the fact that while we spend months getting ready for Christmas, buying gifts, decorating the house, planning the meals and time with our family members, Easter doesn’t get as much attention.

He’s right! I hadn’t done much to get our home ready for the holiday, other than think a time or two about what we’d eat.

I’m always thinking about what we’ll eat. 😉

The first thing I did when I got home yesterday was decorate our dining room table for the holiday that is quickly approaching. At least I could do that, right?

Then, today, I remembered it was Music Monday and I decided to share a song written by Keith Green–the Easter Song–on this blog. I hope this music video helps you to get in the mood to celebrate the work done on Easter morning so many years ago. Like Pastor said, the manger doesn’t mean much without the empty tomb.

I love Keith Green. Maybe you will too.

The Easter Song. Enjoy!!!

Music Monday-Classic Worship

“The answer was just as easy as asking You in.”

Wow, incredible truth; one provided by Keith Green in his original composition, Your Love Broke Through.

More than we do, we need to ask God to break through our confusion, our doubts, and our fears.  Instead, we forget to ask Him to be with us, inside the situation, taking the lead and guiding through the confusion. We do this because we’re so busy running to and fro, zigging this way and that, expressing frustration that we still don’t have our burning bush or ethereal voice to guide us. We tell every one but God about our need, hurt, discouragement, anxiety.

When we do pray, too often we are giving the Lord a laundry list, instead of simply asking Him to fill us with His Spirit of wisdom, discernment, and peace.

We live our lives without Him many times, simply because we don’t ask Him in and then wait for the door to shut behind Him before we start moving again.

Start asking questions, again.

Start fidgeting, again.

Start rationalizing, again.

Start being frantic, again.

Today, ask and believe that the answer is on the way, then wait patiently for God to come. I know it will be hard for some of you. It’s hard for me, too.  While you wait, give this classic devotional a listen.  I promise, you’ll be glad you did.


We will not be shaken

Did you see the news this weekend, the news of Coptic Christians and Egyptians being murdered along the banks of a Libyan sea?  Did you recoil in shock?  Did you pray for those who were lined up, like so many cattle, prepared for slaughter?

Did you think of the families of those who had died, of their lives snuffed out, of their sacrifice, or their status now as martyrs?

Today, I dedicate this blog to those who were taken by darkness in recent days.  Their murderers might think they will have the last word. They won’t, of course.  While it is true that a dark spirit of murder is moving across the globe, we also know our God is strong and can do all things, especially when it comes to bringing light into the darkness that exists just this side of dawn.

This is our world today, and our reality, but as the darkness grows, so does the light. Hallelujah!

We will not be moved in our witness for Christ, and we will not be moved in our devotion to prayer and praise, not because of these things.  We will pray specifically because murderers live and perform treacherous deeds.

Do terrible things happen here? Yes.

Are they meant to extinguish our faith? Yes.

Will we allow them to shake us free of our devotion to Christ? No, because we know that when you live on the battle field, pain is inevitable.  We trust our pain to God and believe it is accomplishing something glorious, even as it is awful to watch and worse to endure.

We honor those who have been slain. May God watch tenderly over their immortal souls.