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1  Stay on track with daily exercise and oatmeal.

2  Mindfully eat and write.

3  Create a list of things that fuel joy in my life and share that list.


I did pretty well with Goal No. 1 and 2:  I ate oatmeal for breakfast half the week, the other half I ate other things.  I did all my exercises, all week.  I was mindful about my food and even switched up things with my POE (plan of eating).  I did not write much about the changes I had made, though, so that goal was not completed in a stellar manner. I’ve decided to restrict some foods going forward, and to minimize the amount I digest of those I don’t restrict.  So far, so good on that part of the plan!

Goals No. 3: Rocked it!  I worked on my joy list all week and posted as I went.  I did not post it here. If you’re interested is seeing it, let me know and I’ll do something to get it to you.  I’m not convinced everyone has the same degree of trouble finding joy as I do, so I don’t want to take up time posting twice if there is no interest.  I will say that I was surprised by the amount of items I added to the list throughout the week.  Maybe I’m more adept at finding joy than I think.

I’d love to hear about what makes you joyful. Include your thoughts in the comment section below.


This week in The Healing Journey sessions we focused on replacing self-power, self-protection, and self-provision with a deeper trust in God to provide, protect, and power our lives.  My goal list for this week is a reflection of the musings I have had surrounding those sessions and some work I want to do to set myself aside a little more in the future, in favor of trusting God.

1  Create a list of PROS and CONS associated with self-protecting behaviors. When did they work for me, and why did they not?

2  Meditate on the benefits/detriments of powering through life on my own, and as time and inclination allow, address how self-powering attitudes might be a set-up for isolation on my part and confusion for others.

3  Look at ways I’ve pushed back on the tendency to provide for myself apart from the help of my Spiritual Mentor, God.  When have I decided to “get it on my own,” instead of waiting for it to be provided?


It’s hard for the hard-working to not work hard!

It’s good for me to think about new and maybe better ways of interacting with Papa God and my fellows.

I have more triggers for joy than I thought.

Pete the Cat is sooo cool!  Reading to my grands, even cooler!!!

Politics can be a sticky wicket.

I believe more men than will admit entertain sinful thoughts on occasion.  Some are in bondage to them.

I think women struggle with smutty fantasizing, too. Otherwise, I’m not sure how 50 Shades of Gray became a best seller.

I think we are all blessed to have Jesus standing in for us at the Judgment Seat!!!

What goals will you work to achieve this week?  If breaking big projects down into smaller steps is the way to achieving our goals, how come we don’t walk that way more often?




1  Replace the windshield in the car and get it inspected.

2  Create a concrete Plan of Action to aid in staying focused over the next three months.

3  Begin again with daily oatmeal and exercise.


Goal No. 1  EXCELLENT!

Car has new windshield and new inspection sticker!

Goal No. 2  GOOD!  I spent some time putting together an Action Plan this week, but because I really don’t enjoy doing this it will not be a goal of mine going forward. I will never totally give up my planning ways, but focusing on them only makes me crazy and rigid, and nobody wants that!  Better to take things one day at a time with a less rigid guideline in place, I think.  We’ll see.

Goal No. 3  YES!!!  I have eaten my oatmeal and exercised every day this week. Yay!  Some of the exercise has been painful and hard, but I did it anyway because it’s needed for recovery.


1  Stay on track with daily exercise and oatmeal.

2  Mindfully eat and write.

3  Create a list of things that create joy, and share that list.


I focus too much on what I do wrong instead of what I do right.

I still lack the level of joy I seek in this place (see above observation).

Consistency is the key to habit formation.

For every voice, there is another opinion.

Social media may be the devil.

My faith is my hope!

What goal will you set for yourself this week?  Where do you see yourself improving?

Three Goals Thursday

dsc_1092Jumping back into the deep end with some goal-setting this week after five days of vacationing and travel.

That picture up top was taken in Meredith, NH last week and has nothing to do with goal-setting, except maybe as a reflection of some planning I did to meet a goal for eeking out some alone time with the mister.


1  Replace the windshield in the car and get it inspected.

2  Create a concrete Plan of Action to aid in staying focused over the next three months with my diet, exercise, and efforts I make to live a simpler life.

3  Begin again with daily oatmeal eating and exercise.


I’m not the best planner in the world, which is strange because I love to organize things.

Automobiles can be hard to figure out, especially when you have a mystery problem to solve and you’re an experienced procrastinator.

Decompression therapy helps. I may actually be able to move again soon without dehumanizing pain.  Woohoo!

What is vision-casting anyway?

A writing exercise I tried, MY PERFECT DAY, has been an eye-opening experience.  I am definitely not where I want to be right now, but I have a better idea of what I need to do to get there.

What goals will you set for yourself this week?  What would your perfect day look like?

Three Goals-Sept 15



As you know, I had three very small goals last week. They were:

1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.


We’ve had another great week over here in NEPA!

Goal No. 1  EXCELLENT!  I can confidently report this week that I have followed the path of recovery laid out for me by professionals, and I did all that my chiropractor asked me to do.

Goal No. 2  EXCELLENT!  I’ve started to feel comfortable with picking a different simple-living project to focus on each weekend. During the week I’ve continued to read and study about minimalism, and I’ve shared what I’ve learned with others.

Goal No. 3 STELLAR!  I didn’t give myself an excellent rating on this goal, only because I don’t have an Action Plan that is formally styled, typed, and displayed for reference.  I have, however, made concerted efforts to eat the rainbow and water consumption is up. Woohoo!


My chiropractic treatments have not been achieving success quickly enough for me.  On Thursday of last week, I held an extended gripe session with myself.  I’m impatient.  I’d been at this for all of three weeks and figured I should have been feeling better by then. Of course I know this kind of injury takes time to heal, but in the midst of my misery I wanted it to go faster, so I whined to God about it.

Don’t you know that on the following Saturday, last Saturday, I had no pain all day!  No numbness, no hot spots, no tingling and with no pain meds, all day and through the night! Bamm!!!  Take that, Lori!!

Note: God does not talk to me this way. He is ever gentle with my failings. This was Lori chiding Lori, and nothing else.

The bad news: The pain returned on Sunday and it’s still with me, but…I am seeing improvement. I am sleeping better.  My mood is improved.  And my doctor is moving me on to the next phase of my treatment. We tried a new machine last night.  It hurt while I was undergoing the treatment, but afterward, heavenly relief.  I guess I best start focusing and living in the solution, and being more grateful in the future, hunh?

As my sciatica pain has been slowly improving, so has my connection to spiritual vibrancy.  Part of that can be attributed to my participation in The Healing Journey, and having a new set of comrades praying for me every day. Further evidence is seen in my recent ability to write a short piece of fiction that got rave reviews, and my experience with fearlessly journaling about some personal issues that ended in a satisfying way.  I have also experienced a rare piece of intuition that although it was not spot-on, led to the fixing of a hidden problem with our car that could have been a serious issue. Serious enough that I would have had to purchase a new car.  These are true encouragements to my soul and help to bolster my faith in the process.


Keeping goals the same for one more week.  These are too good to mess with right now!!!

What are you asking God to help you with this week?  Would you share one goal you are pursuing with us?

A Series of Threes


This morning I want to post a series of threes, to include: 3 Teeny, Tiny Goals, 3 Things I’m Thankful For, and 3 Prayer Requests that I hope my readers will remember as God brings them to mind over the next week.

I don’t usually include prayer requests on my blog, but I do a lot of praying in my personal life, and much of the success I have in life, or any inspiration or inclination about what the right next step is for me, I get as a result of prayer and meditation. Admittedly, I’m better at the talking part of that equation than the quietness and contemplation, but hey, that’s what writers do, right? We talk with each key stroke.  God knows this about me, so I never fear that he’s offended about my penchant for verbosity. Others, maybe, but God? Never!

Let’s start with the things for which I’m thankful.


In addition to my sweet husband, my awesome kids, and my incredible grands, I’m thankful for…

1  A brain that is somewhat sharp, somewhat understanding, and somewhat active.  Were these things not true I would not be able to be here, sharing with you and gaining from you the encouragement I need to keep writing. Without writing, I’m pretty sure I would shrivel up and die, so thank you for continuing to show up and add your comments to the blog.  You guys ROCK!

2  God’s ability and willingness to continually find creative ways to use my talents.  I bring small enough fishes to the picnic that I would think they would not matter at all, but somehow, through His immense love for me and his generosity to me, significance is born as I share what He’s given.  Our God is so good!! I hope you know Him and His wonder-working powers today.

3  Friends who still love me, and a car that continues to run. What is life without a way to get around and awesome people to meet, greet, and share the ride with?  I’m glad, glad, glad today that I have both.  Life is full and I’m living large (but not in a pant size kinda way. Well, at least not so much).


1  I’m beginning The Healing Journey, an intensive Bible study and group dynamic endeavor, with a bunch of unknown followers on September 12th. A lot needed to change in order for this to fit into my schedule and I’m so glad it did. I’m psyched to begin. I’m also a tad bit anxious.  I know, believe, and trust that God has good things coming my way, and that through this experience I am going to be closer to Him than I’ve ever been.  Woohoo! Please pray for a good, quick, and divine start to this long process. We will meet once a week until April.

2  I have a friend who has been struck with an illness of unknown origin. Would you pray for this one to quickly get a diagnosis, instantly click with the specialist that s/he will be seeing at the end of this month, and find help and hope along the way between now and when that appointment for assessment occurs?  The need is great, so please pray as often as God brings this to mind.

3  I would also love it if you would remember me for my physical healing.  I have been seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week for many weeks, trying to find relief from this pain that has been plaguing me for far too long.  Frankly, and from my personal perspective, it is taking too long for me to see positive improvements, ie:  I want it yesterday. Pray for me to be patient, for the treatments to work, and for God to get the glory when I am able once again to walk, lose weight, and feel half-way human.


I’m going to keep my goals the same for yet another week. I made STELLAR progress last week, completing all three of them—a WIN, WIN, WIN situation! Why mess with success?


1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.

What are you reaching for these days?  Why trust God with our futures?



Goals and Progress


1  Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.


On Goals 1 and 2 this week, I did well.

Goal No. 1:  I found a new chiropractor and have begun treatments.  I’ll be seen 3 times per week for 24 sessions total before I move out of this phase of treatment and into maintenance.  I’m happy I have begun this process and I have seen immediate results, which is kind of cool and an indicator that I’m moving in the right direction.  The past two nights in bed have been blissful, with no numbing sensations in leg or back, and sleep that is unfamiliar to me.  Wholly unfamiliar, since it is deep and relaxing, and renewing in scope. Yay!!!

Goal No. 2:  I’m continuing to follow a plan I’ve put in place to live a more simple life. So far I have de-cluttered my kitchen cabinets (all the upper ones, and one lower one), the master bath, the guest bath, the guest closet, the master closet, and two clothes dressers.  I have also given up on one social obligation that was causing me stress, and I have made a wish list of potential changes to the house that are yet to come.  No complaints by Mr–in fact, he is rather loving working with me to get rid of some of his ratty clothes and not-needed coffee mugs. I seriously expected more blow back or resistance when I suggested to him we go through his dresser and throw away shirts he loves but that are really too worn out to wear in public anymore.  How many grunge work outfits does one guy need, right?  He was happy, if not giddy, to rid himself of old clothes.  Who knew?!


I have been drinking more water than usual this week, so that’s partial success in the goal category, and I have tried to get more veggies in me, but not as seriously as I should.  I did make one huge decision this week, to not keep a sugary treat in the house anymore.  I’m going at the de-cluttering of my food choices slowly, since I know if there is any place the boat might be capsized, it is with the food.  We have a passionate love/hate relationship that is complicated, but I think I’m winning with my efforts to simplify my food.  Just today I thought while in the grocery store, “What might it look like for you to clean out your food pantry completely and put back in there only the things that you truly need to feed your body, a very simple list of ingredients that you could use over and over again to simplify your eating and nutritional needs?”

Okay, so I didn’t talk to myself exactly that way.  It went more like this: “Hey, having a list of foods in the pantry would be cool.  If I only bought that stuff and nothing else, how easy would it be for me to stay on track?”  I was also thinking how easy cooking would be if it were more routine, repeating regularly the recipes we love, and forgetting about the more complicated stuff.


I began a Goals/Gratitude Journal, recording what I’m thankful for each day.

I moved more, mostly because my pain levels were way down.

I picked blueberries with a friend, the last of the season.


I’m going to keep the goals the same for another week…

1  Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.

Are you into Action Plans?  If not, how do you stay on track? What system do you use?

Decisions and Goals

000fog trees

I made a decision this week that helped clear away the fog!

I decided to step away from my position as facilitator of spiritual discussions at my church.  The decision was a long time coming, and it was difficult for me to make, but as I shared with others in my circle when I notified them about the change, “Where God is silent, I dare not speak.”

Last night, I was reading from 1 Samuel.  When the Scripture’s talked about young Samuel hearing God for the first time, and Eli’s not hearing Him, I thought, “Yep, there it is. Confirmation!”

Still, I have a bulldog mentality some times.

I hate quitting!  I hate giving up!  I hate walking away!  Still, I have to realize that there is a time for all things under the sun. Sometimes it is now time to pack it up and move on.  I did that this week, and I’m proud of myself for finally taking a step into the unknown.  Note: I am not leaving my church, only my teaching position.

I don’t know where God will send me next. I don’t know what my next mission field will look like.  I’ve thought about a few things, and I’ve talked to a few individuals about what’s next, but as of right now I don’t know.

This I do know: There is no one I would rather go on a mystery tour with than Jesus!!!

God’s silence in my study times is just one reason for me making a decision to step away from teaching for a while.  Another is my health. Two words: Sciatica pain.  Some days it is unbearable.  I’m also working on de-cluttering my life, so that I no longer have to tell others my super power is indecision. That sucks!

My goals this week reflect where I’m at right now in life.  This post has turned epic, so I’m gonna quit sharing other “stuff” and relay to you this week’s goals. Thanks for reading this far!


This week I’m going to try something different.  One list with three goals that should be easy to achieve and yet leave me wiggle room to develop a new Action Plan for life.

1  Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.

I’ll letcha know how it goes.

What new discovery have you recently made about yourself?  How are your goals today addressing your needs for the future?

TGT mast head


About this time last week, I set three more teeny, tiny goals for myself.  I didn’t get a chance to share them on the blog, but they were put in place for this past week at that time.  In addition to those items that made my goal list, I reinstated my oatmeal eating plan every day this week.  I don’t know why I ever quit this plan (my body likes the oatmeal so much), but sometimes I get sidetracked with life.  I tell others I am easily distracted by shiny things, and man is that ever true.  I wonder sometimes about my swiss-cheesy brain and its ability to lose things through the holes.  I truly believe I have forgotten more than I ever knew at this point, but that discussion is for another day and another blog post.  Right now, I want to get to my goal list.


1  Get to bed early at last twice this week.  SCORE!  I did get to bed early at least twice this week. In fact, I was in bed early 3x this week.  A big WIN for me! Yay!

2  Make my bed every day this week.  YES YES!!!  I made my bed every day this week.  This was an easy one for me, because truthfully I make my bed every day, but I’ve never made making my bed a goal before.  Hey, I needed a win!!!  I have not been scoring really high in the goal achieving category lately, so I really did need a very teeny, tiny, and easily achievable goal to shoot for this week.  I hit the bull’s eye on this one!  I knew I would, even though two days out of the week I was tempted to leave my bed the way it was when I got up in the morning, and two days this week I was sleeping on a couch while visiting the kids up north.

3  Dance in the kitchen with the mister for ten minutes, at least three times this week.  FAIL!!!!  Can you believe it?  I did not dance with my mister even once this week. What?!*%$#?!!!!!!!  (not cursing, but frustration).  I did walk at the mall with the kiddos this week, and play with them alot.  I also went for a solo walk that was 20-30 minutes long, so I got in some exercise.

You would think that finding ten minutes to dance with my mister would be an easy goal, wouldn’t you?  It was not. Not for me, not this week.  I think this one needs to go back on my list, and that’s all I have to say about that.


This week I thought I might do a lil bit better with my goals if I made a chart.  Visuals help, right?  I made one, but not until yesterday.  How pathetic is that?  See how those shiny things distract me from my plan?

Anyway, I made a chart and I filled out the chart, writing down what I had done already this week and what I did yesterday, and then I filled it out this morning with what I did this morning.  It kinda worked, and would have totally worked well had I made the chart earlier in the week. I have one ready to go for this week!


Each week I set a goal for myself and whether I achieve that goal or not, I learn something in the process of trying to achieve it.  What this goal list is really about is creating winning scenarios and lasting habits.  What I’ve discovered as I have been making these lists and ticking off those goals achieved (or not, as the case may be), is this:

I like setting goals as a means of keeping myself focused on needed improvements and self-care.

Setting goals helps me to see where I’m taking from what matters most to me in life, in order to serve what matters least.  Hopefully, when I’m able to identify that, I’m also able to shift focus and change direction. Without the goal list, I doubt I would even see these patterns developing, let alone address them.

Finally, this week I noticed that I was coming home at night feeling smug about my contribution to the world, while being resentful that my partner hadn’t done enough.  He’s retired, while I’m still working, so our differing schedules and priorities sometimes create a challenging dynamic of imbalance for me.  This imbalance can and does lead me into a pity pit, where I find it hard to understand why I have to leave a list for him every day, in order for him to get done what I want done around the house.  Can you see how selfish and self-serving this imbalance becomes?  Last night I realized I had landed in that space again—the dissatisfied, why-can’t-you-see-this-needs-to-be-done-without-me-reminding-you type thinking, and had to once again check myself!  Ugh!

Do any of the rest of you hate unrealistic expectations, and yet still get trapped by them sometimes?  I know I do!


This week, I’m going to keep my goals simple and the same.  I’m especially going to be praying for the wisdom, time, determination, and desire to hit me, so that I can actually dance with my hubby in the kitchen for at least 10 minutes and for at least three nights this week.  Anyone have a romantic mixed tape they can loan me?

1  Get to bed early at last twice this week. 

2  Make my bed every day this week. 

3  Dance in the kitchen with the mister for ten minutes, at least three times this week. 

What goals will you set for yourself this week?  When have your expectations for yourself or others been too high?


Goals & meditation


1  Fasting at least twice this week and eating only veggies for lunch at least twice.

2  Get passport applications in the mail.

3  Ride the bike or walk three times this week.

000bike llHOW’D I DO?

Goal No. 1 GOOD! I met my goal for fasting this week, choosing to by-pass breakfast three times.  I ate only veggies for lunch one day, but the good news is that I ate a grilled chicken salad while others munched on pizza one day. That’s pretty good, right?

Goal No. 2 OKAY.  I found that I don’t need my marriage license to get my passport, but I do need my birth certificate. Mr and me have these certificates, but darn if we can find them.  No passports yet, so this one goes back on my list for another week.  I will get this done!!!  I’m determined!

Goal No. 3 YES!  I rode my bike this week, but I did not walk outside the house. I need to step it up a lil with this goal.  I had three late nights this week, followed by three early bed times.  I seriously came in the house, dropped my bags, and went to bed three times.  I was pooped.  Mr probably wonders if he did something wrong. Nope, I was just trying to get my ZZZs to keep up with daily demands.


Because my goals are good goals at this point, and because I still haven’t gotten our passports, I have decided to go with a do-over for this week.  All the goals I had last week, I will again work on this week.  Yay!


I had a session with fretting this week.  A 4am session. I know, I know. What IS THAT ABOUT????!  The next morning, when I finally pulled myself out of bed I knew I needed to spend some time in prayer and meditation.  I did.  Out of that came this:

“No man is born either naturally or supernaturally with character, he has to make character.  Nor are we born with habits; we have to form habits…” 

“Drudgery is the touchstone of character. The great hindrance in spiritual life is that we will look for big things to do.  Jesus took a towel…”

Finally, “We say we do not expect God to carry us to heaven on flowery beds of ease, and yet we act as if we did!”  — Oswald Chambers

What a wake-up call!  This devotional was both appropriate and relevant to this teeny tiny goal setting crusade I’m on!  Reading these snippets of the whole passage by Chambers helped me to balance out my angst and let go of some of that over-the-top expectation I have for myself.  The reading helped me to see that its okay that I’m not perfect, that my sharing isn’t always polished, and that I don’t have to impress with every interaction I enter into.  I know these things, but I also sometimes need to be reminded.  The morning after my 4am wake-up I was.  It was a new day.

Hallelujah, what a Savior.  Jesus is there when I need him, to rescue me from myself.  He’s good, all the time!!!

When has drudgery (or doing the same thing over and over again), been the touchstone of your character?  Were you born to your habits, or did you have to form them out of your experience, education, and optimism?


Reporting on my goals



1  Continue practicing my IF-ing plan, 2-3 days this week.

2  Bring back the balance in life by intentionally planning better with regards to fun, food, family, and the future. We go to get our passports tomorrow. Yippeee!

3  Walk at least 3 times this week.


No. 1 GREAT!  I was able to continue on with my IF-g experiment, fasting three times this week.  Twice at breakfast; once at dinner time.  Yay!

No. 2 OKAY!  I’m getting better at this planning for balance stuff, but still not all the way there. I think it is the planning part of planning for balance where I slip up, so I’ll rate my success with this goal a lil lower than I might have, had I tried harder.  ;0

No. 3 GOOD!  I say I did a good job at this goal because I didn’t really walk this week, but I did ride my bike.  I will consider that a win!!!   Woohoo!!!  I burned off several hundred calories with this effort, and that’s a good thing!


1  I will continue on with IF-g my way through the week, fasting at least twice this week and eating only veggies for lunch at least twice.

2  I will try again to get my passports in the mail and plan my way to a balanced summer.

3  I will ride the bike or walk three times this week, hoping to enjoy the out-of-doors a lil more.

Well, there you have it-my three teeny, tiny goals for another week.

How’d you do with your goals?  What was the hardest one for you to achieve?