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September 18,  2013:

Half way through the reading of The End of Diabetes I’m finding it chocked full of information about how to approach to plant based, high nutrient lifestyle that is defined as a “Nutritarian” diet by Dr. Furhman.  My only concern with the book at this point, is that it includes so much biology/physiology lingo in the text that I’m concerned some people might get discouraged with it and quit reading before they get to the good stuff about nutrition and how it heals bodies of all kinds of ailments.  I’m only half way through the book right now, and it all sounds good when you can wade through the doctor-speak, so I won’t provide a final opinion on this book yet.  For a while now I have called myself a Flexatarian, because I eat mostly veggies, but dairy and meat too, in small amounts.  I may soon start calling myself a Nutritarian, though, because for me it really is all about the nutrient value to the food I eat, and not merely counting calories or eating smaller portions of the foods I like.

July 19, 2013:

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Wheat Belly scared me, I will not lie.  The initial supposition of the book seemed flawed to me as soon as I began reading.  Dr. Davis says all you have to do to lose weight and get healthy is give up grain, yet in the end of the book he provides an eating plan that includes much more restrictive behavior modifications than simply dropping the wheat.  I did drop the wheat in August of 2013 and I lost a few pounds that I probably would have dropped any way.  I did see a reduction in my itchy scalp, and I did see a reduction in the sensation of bloating that I often experience after eating bread.  I also believe that my cravings for sugar diminished, although I also quit the sugar and artificial sweeteners during this time, so how much of this is due to dropping flour, and how much to dropping sugar is yet to be known.  I do think the eating processed white flour in its many forms is responsible for the sickness this nation struggles under to a great degree.  By the time I read this book, I had already changed my eating patters and food choices quite a bit, so had that not been true, I might have seen more drastic results from quitting the wheat.  It was hard to stay away from all processed flour and the many items made using it.  This plan is pretty restrictive, which is why I’m not sure many individuals could do this for a life time.  I want a life time/lifestyle solution to my eating problem, so I think I will keep marching on…

June 2013:  Love this writer. He’s a genius!


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