Joy Comes in the Morning

Have you ever had God tap you on the shoulder, then wink and give you a nod? I had that happen to me. Not literally, of course, but figuratively.  I was getting ready to write a devotional during the workweek, when I felt God’s Spirit speak to me these words: Joy comes in the morning.

“Yes!” I said, fist pumping as I smiled toward heaven.

I immediately googled the phrase and was pointed to Psalm 30, which I decided was God’s Word for me that day. There, nestled between the fourth verse and the sixth verse was the affirmation I was seeking…there was the promise that I’d been given, the promise that although weeping comes to us some nights, rejoicing (or joy) comes in the morning.

I felt a twinge of encouragement.

Not many moments after I had this experience I heard from a friend. This dear one questioned, “Does joy come in the morning, because my morning, yeah, its been awful.”

What?  Did she really say that?  At the very moment that I was writing my devotional about joy? Really?

God winks, and I giggle, because we have this understanding between us.  He knows I need encouragement, and when He does these things, I know He is filling that need.  It’s through these seemingly coincidental connections to people and things that God often lets me know He hears, He cares, and His Scripture is able to affirm what my feelings never could.

I’m so thankful to be in contact with Someone who speaks to me in such intimate ways, and always for my benefit. I hope you know Him too. If you do, you can be sure, joy comes in the morning!


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